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The posibilities are endless…

The range is so huge the BM ARCHITECTURAL POST & RAIL BALLUSTADE system can almost be used anywhere: Indoors and out, handrail can be easily fitted to walls, floors, stairwells balconies and so on.

Installations can be made even easier with our PREMADE POST which has been tested to withstand load to 1.5kN and is available for both glass infill and wire screen.

Thousands of options & styles for every application

BM ARCHITECTURAL offer a product range from our modular POST & RAIL BALLUSTRADE system. Ideal for commercial and residential applications the range is extensive with enough choice to suit any architectural project.

Simple to install and fabricate into any application.

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Steel Architectural Products

Our Partners

BM ARCHITECTURAL are one of the most established manufacturers and resellers of architectural glazing systems in the UK. As well as manufacturing our own high quality Steel, Aluminium and Composite systems. We also are proud to be UK sole distributors for the following manufacturers.

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