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Sliding doors, Glass Partitions & Patch fittings

We have a passion for glass, a material that combines transparency, elegance but also heaviness. Our strength lies in creating lightness. Creating a framework for transparency that cancels out the heaviness.

Lots of light, a feeling of spaciousness and still being able to close the door sometimes – that’s what makes the perfect living room for the Schmitt family. Thanks to glass door systems, the idea became reality.

Patch fittings & Profile Systems

The demand for fascinating, light-flooded architecture requires elegant, design-oriented solutions made of fittings and glass. We offer an extensive range of high-quality glass fittings to meet this demand. Technically sophisticated, visually attractive and with a wide range of combinations, toughened glass assemblies can be realised individually and modularly.

Glass partition walls

When it comes to creating rooms within rooms: our glass partitions integrate sliding doors or single-action doors into frames in a uniform design. For systematic room architecture.

Here, narrow profiles, fittings and locking systems complement each other to create a uniform design. An unobstructed view and the incident daylight simply create a pleasant atmosphere. A plus for creativity and relaxation. It is the details that create clear structures: The aluminium profiles of the fixed elements as well as the single-action and sliding door elements are coordinated in their shape and powder-coated in the color of your choice. Matched or accentuated. Use exactly the partition elements you need: Glass, wood or other materials.

Sliding Doors

Wherever elegant transitions from one room to another are to be created – sliding door fittings optimally accentuate the architectural appeal of open designs with glass in living and working areas.

Our sliding door systems offer individual solutions for threshold-free living, working and living. Our sliding door hardware combines user-oriented functionality with elegant aesthetics.

Reliable protection for lower glass edges

The door rails ensure a high level of stability for particularly wide or highly frequented doors when used simultaneously at the top and bottom edges of the door. At the bottom, they serve – as an alternative to corner fittings – to protect against impacts.

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